Two hundred eighteen days ago, I escaped from my home on Abbotts Way in the Kensington community of Saint Augustine. I'm an 11 year-old brown, short hair tabby. Until now, I've been an indoor-only cat my whole life. I don't have a collar or a microchip. I'm skittish of strangers. I will be hiding. Check the bushes around your property and along the preserves where my owners can't look without your permission. If you see me, please call or text my family so they can come rescue me.
Angela: (703) 868-9501 Shawn: (904) 469-7279

Additional Info

  • Other than his chin, none of Riley's fur is white. He has a light brown belly with some black spots. On his forehead, his stripes make a distinct "M"
  • Riley does not have a fluffy tail. The tip of his tail is black. There is a cat on Los Caminos in Las Calinas that has been mistaken for Riley. Patty's bushy tail is the giveaway that it's not Riley.
  • Riley has distinct brown spots on his right iris. These spots are a natural part of aging.
  • Riley is not declawed and is in good health.
  • We have tried putting his litter and other items with his and our scent outside.
  • We have set humane traps for him with fresh food every day. If you live along a preserve, we would try this at your property if you'll allow it. We will check multiple times a day. We have done so at a neighbor's house on Battersea.
  • There is a cat that looks similar to Riley that lives in the last house on Battersea before Las Calinas.
  • We have done a PawBoost and posted to local Facebook groups
  • We have contacted local veterinarians.
  • We check the St. John's County Pet Center every Wednesday and Saturday.
  • We check Jacksonville’s Animal Care and Protective Services daily.


May 6, 2018

Riley Escapes

Riley went missing on this afternoon. We had been in and out of the house and garage all day. He saw a chance to escape, and took it. Riley has always been trying to get out and on the few occassions when he's been able to slip past us, he never went far before running back inside with his tail on fire. We're still trying to understand both how he managed to sneak by us and what caused him to run far away. And by far, that could be a house or two away at first. Writing this on the 23rd, it's impossible to imagine how any of this happened and why no one as seen him hiding somewhere relatively close. On that note, we have found out quickly what amazing, kind, and diligent neighbors we have in our new community. Thank you so much for all of your support. ❤️

May 6-13, 2018

Searching and Outreach

We searched our neighborhood and called for him on the 6th. We also began posting to and followed up on any and all leads. During this week, we eliminated a number of neighborhood cats and strays. We also began checking the St. John's County Pet Center. We now check every Wednesday and Saturday.

May 13-20, 2018

Searching and Flyers

Along with searching, we began going door-to-door in Kensington to leave flyers. You can see a couple of the flyers in the gallery above. We have handed out flyers to all of Kensington and a small portion of Las Caminas.

May 22, 2018

Holland Sighting

Checked out a potential sighting behind a home on Holland Drive. The cat that was seen was found, but it was not Riley. This cat had white paws.

May 23, 2018

Leads / More Flyers

Checked out a potential spotting of a brown animal behind a house on Tavistock. No sign of the animal in question. Angela picked up more flyers for our neighbors outside of Kensington. We received a tip from a neighbor about a bunch of cats living nearby so we went to the location to investigate. We found a cat "shanty town", but no sign of Riley. We searched up and down the preserve at the entrance to Kensington for him this evening. 😢

May 24, 2018

Rubi Way Lead

A kind neighbor on Rubi Way reported seeing a cat that looks like Riley, but described the cat as having a fuzzy tail. Rubi Way branches from Los Caminos and this kitty may be "Patty"—a lead we followed up on a week ago. We've asked our neighbor to get a picture if he spots this cat again. He looked around this evening, but said the cat was nowhere to be found.

May 26, 2018

Circle K Lead

A neighbor phone in a potential sighting in the woods across from where you exit the new Circle K at Shannon and US 1. Shawn searched the woods, but did not spot him. We are going to place a humane trap in the woods near the sighting this afternoon and check it later tonight in advance of tomorrow's rain. Checked the St. John's County Pet Center today as well. While Riley was not there, there is a very similar brown tabby with kittens there so they now have a reference to what he looks like should he be brought in.
Update: We placed a trap near the sighting around 6pm and checked back around 10pm. The trap was closed and we were dismayed to find it occupied by a very disgruntled opossum. You'd think he'd be a little more grateful for a belly full of cat food.

May 28, 2018

PetSmart Lead / Searching

A neighbor reported cats similar to Riley at a PetSmart adoption event. The cats at this event came from St. John's County Pet Center, but we went just in case. Unfortunately, the cat was not Riley. Although we haven't spotted the cat across from Circle K, we keep going there several times a day to call for Riley and make sure we go that way on our way in and out of Kensington. We've been deep into those woods. If he's in there, he isn't meowing back at us or the noise of foliage and traffic on US 1 is overwhelming our ability to hear. We will likely try to find another spot to set our trap and see if we can come up with something a little less nasty than an opossum. Of course, we're still calling out to him in the neighborhood. Please keep checking your bushes/garages as he may finally be trying to make his way home to us. As impossible as it seems that we'll find him at this point, we just can't give up. We will keep searching, working through the highs and lows as best we can, and praying for a miracle. Please come home Riley! 🙏


Abbotts Way
Saint Augustine, FL 32095


Angela: 703-868-9501
Shawn: 904-469-7279